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Zodiac Boat Models
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The RIBS are made from an inflatable tube and a rigid hull. They combine the benefits of traditional inflatable boats with those of boats with rigid hulls.

Cadet Compact (Tenders)
The Cadet Compact is a small RIB with nothing to fear from the larger ones. Its buoyancy structure with progressive capacity gives more stability and hence more safety.

Medline (Comfort Cruising)
Ideal for long outings, the Medline is like your own private beach thanks to its seating arrangement that can be converted into a sunbathing area.

Pro Open (Sport Cruising)
The 4 x4 of the sea

Pro (Sport Cruising)
The multi purpose boat: total freedom in its layout according to its use. New models: Pro 15 Man and Pro 20 Man

Yachtline Deluxe (Yachting)
A natural tender for modern yachts combining comfort, performance and top-of-the range equipment. New model: Yachtline 470 DL

N-Zo(Comfort Cruising)
Brilliant gem of the seas, N-Zo perfectly combines the expertise of the world leader in inflatable boat-building with the pure lines of Vittorio Garroni's Italian design.

  Inflatable Boats

Its main qualities: Economic, light, foldable, easy and quick to set-up.

Futura (Easy Cruising)
An innovative range, offering remarkable performance and comfort with the new patented Zodiac hull

Classic (Easy Cruising)
Reassuring and easy to maneuvre, the Classic offers a choice of 3 floors and comprehensive set of equipment

Zoom (Tenders)
Easy to set-up and to manoeuvre, this is the perfect boat for discovering the joys of boating. New model: Zoom 380 S

Cadet Fastroller (Tenders)
A featherweight tender which is easy to deploy and equipped with the patented Acti-V hull.

Cadet (Tenders)
With its welded structure, this light tender offers a unique stability and an astonishing load capacity.

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